A Winter Weather Advisory for 12-16-2019

*** A Winter Weather Advisory for northwest Montgomery, western Howard, Carroll and Frederick (Md.) counties from midnight to 1 p.m. Monday ***

From the DC and Baltimore metro areas and to the south and east, we anticipate mostly a rain event, though a brief wintry mix early in the morning is possible.

The areas of concern are north and west of the Beltways, with conditions turning more wintry the farther north and west you go.

Precipitation will begin in much of the region during the predawn hours Monday.

Through much of Montgomery and Howard counties, we could see a brief period of snow and/or sleet that turns to freezing rain between the predawn hours and midmorning. A coating to an inch or so of snow and sleet could fall, with a light glaze of freezing rain on top, before temperatures rise above 32 by around midmorning. We expect that most accumulation would focus on grassy areas, untreated paved surfaces, and bridges, ramps, and overpasses.

Into northern Maryland, in the ‘Advisory’ zone, up to two inches of snow could fall before the precipitation turns to a wintry mix midmorning. Here, freezing temperatures could linger through midday or even the afternoon in a few colder pockets.

A lack of strong winds will make the cold air tough to dislodge, meaning that the changeover to plain rain from freezing rain west and north of the cities may take a good part of the morning to occur. A few spots in northern Maryland may even hover near freezing into Monday evening. But, while ice may glaze tree limbs and other elevated surfaces, road temperatures will probably be high enough that most paved surfaces are wet rather than icy.

Around the city and in the nearby suburbs, we still don’t foresee significant icing problems but, after perhaps a brief wintry mix early in the day, cold rain is possible with temperatures hovering in the 30s.

Throughout the region, after any wintry precipitation, periods of rain are likely to continue at times into Tuesday, with the potential for at least an inch.

Plan of Action:

Parking lots and sidewalks on properties located in the ‘Advisory’ zone should be treated with as a precaution.

All other properties to the south should get away without needing any service but crews will be on standby and will be ready to mobilize if necessary.

If you wish to decline service for tomorrow morning, please reply back to this message.

If you have any questions, feel free to give either me or Mike (410-200-5056) a call.

Have a great night!

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