After All The Rain: Why You STILL Need to Water

Even with all the record-breaking rainfall and flooding we had in the area, it is still important to water your landscape. Here’s why:

It quickly becomes runoff. Even with the extreme amount of rainfall we had, that doesn’t mean all that water actually reaches the plants, trees, and turf. They may absorb only a fraction of the actual water from rainfall because the soil can not absorb it as quickly as it is falling. Most of it runs into the waterways and away from your property. So, you will need to adhere to your regular watering schedule to maintain the health of your property. 

Planters will dry out quicker than ground plantings because the containers are usually not designed to store much moisture.  Often times, planters are tucked into areas where the rain does not reach them. If you have puddles or flooding on your property, these planters still may be untouched by the rain depending on their location. Planters in direct sunlight on your rooftop, walkways, gardens, and patios will be more susceptible to drying out, especially during the hot summer months, than those in other outdoor areas that are shaded. 

It doesn’t take very long for rain water to run off, be absorbed or evaporate so watering your container plantings at least once a day, usually in the early morning or early evening, will help to alleviate their thirst. To help avoid root rot, do not over-saturate them. Our highly trained team of landscape technicians will gladly manage the watering and care of all your planters, as well as any of our other landscape and maintenance services. 

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