Drainage Solutions For Your Landscape

If you own a home in the Annapolis, MD area and have discovered that your garden or yard has a drainage problem, we have the solution.  If your yard does not have proper drainage, you increase your risk of flooding and water damage to your home as well as drowning your landscape, plantings, and trees. It is hard to enjoy your outdoor living spaces when you are wading through puddles and mud. There are several different types of drainage systems available today such as:

  • French drain-  A narrow channel often filled with small rocks, gravel or a perforated pipe used to redirect surface and groundwater from a specific area.
  • Dry well- An underground structure designed to dispose of unwanted water and percolates it down into the groundwater.
  • Grassy swale- A graded, linear, shallow, trapezoidal or parabolic shaped channel with flood tolerant and erosion resistant vegetation designed to direct water away from landscapes and properties.
  • Bog areas in a landscape
  • And many others

Before installing any type of drainage, it is always recommended to have a professional landscaper survey your yard and garden to determine the best performing drainage system for your specific needs. Each home has their own unique terrain, so not all systems work well with every home. For optimum protection of your home and landscaping, have a drainage system specialist prepare a design plan for your yard.

Our design team and landscape artists will create the perfect drainage system for your home affordably, utilizing the most up-to-date tools, methods, and experience. Our quality team provides reliable and professional services for both residential and commercial properties.

Give us a call today at (301) 501-5030 or visit our contact us page to schedule your appointment. We look forward to working with you to design and install your perfect drainage system for your properties unique needs.