Enhancement Services

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Drainage Systems

With varying slopes and layouts of properties, it is necessary to install drainage systems to avoid water puddling in the landscape or draining towards the foundation.  A proper drainage system prevents erosion and protects landscaping.  There are many different drain systems we incorporate including:

French drain

Dry well

Grassy swale

Bog area in landscape


Landscape Installations

Landscape installation is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your property.  Keeping a well-maintained appearance of your property can benefit you, the property owner, in many ways. It is a well-known fact that curb appeal is a big draw for residential and commercial properties. While every property is unique, our landscape install services typically include:

Preparation of beds (improve soil conditions and pH values with amendments/compost)

Plantings of annual/perennial ornamentals

Planting shrubs

Plantings trees

Install mulch (for weed control, conserve moisture and to prevent soil erosion)

Control and prevent pests and weeds



Erosion Control

The grading of your landscape is an invaluable tool to manage runoff water. Incorporating drainage lines for water redirection to help runoff water away from foundations or into catch basins are great ways to protect your property. Our design team utilizes erosion control applications specific to the DMV. We can solve critical drainage and erosion control with these watertight drainage solutions:

Waterproof Foundations

French Drains

Dry Stream Beds

Storm Drains

Stone Drainage Swale Areas

Below-grade Drain and Pipe Systems

Erosion Control Blankets