Erosion Control

Has your property experienced land erosion? Does it have inadequate drainage or a steep slope? Creating safe access to your property and finding unique ways to join areas of your property together, especially those with terrain that is difficult to use currently, can be achieved.

Enlisting the help of professional landscape designers can transform your property’s difficult areas into areas you can enjoy for decades to come. Since these issues can be so destructive and are not an unfamiliar problem for property owners here in Maryland, it is important to find a safe way to control the amount of water that may penetrate foundations, erode soil, and damage landscapes. 

Proper drainage will include making sure all connections of downspouts to the drainage pipelines are tight to prevent standing water which can lead to foundation problems. The grading of your landscape is an invaluable tool to manage runoff water. Incorporating drainage lines for water redirection to help runoff water away from foundations or into catch basins are great ways to protect your property. Our design team utilizes erosion control applications specific to the state of Maryland. We can solve critical drainage and erosion control with these watertight drainage solutions:

  • Waterproof Foundations
  • French Drains
  • Dry Stream Beds
  • Storm Drains
  • Stone Drainage Swale Areas
  • Below-grade Drain and Pipe Systems

In Maryland, 90% of rainfall makes its way into the Bay. Bringing with it the fertilizers and harmful chemicals used in many residential and commercial landscapes, as well as soil from properties with poor erosion control. Once this rainwater, toxic chemical, soil sludge ends up in the waterways, it kills off the wildlife and fish local to Maryland. If you are noticing signs of poor erosion like, bare spots on your property, tree roots that are now exposed, slopes or incision into your topsoil, dirt on your windows or external walls after rain, collection of dirt and debris in the lower areas of your property after rain or running off on to your sidewalks or driveways, you should get this addressed quickly. 

We work hard to not only protect your home from drainage issues but also to create beauty that will last. Planting ground cover, trees, and shrubs can work as a buffer for your yard in any empty or bare spots to help reduce soil erosion and runoff. These natural buffers in tandem with the above solutions, our landscape designers can help create the most effective soil erosion protection for your property. 

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