Landscaping ROI

Commercial property owners have a lot to maintain for properties with such a large footprint. Building maintenance, parking lot safety, but many tend to overlook the importance of the landscaping. Some may think as long as the grass is green, it looks ok. However, landscaping is what gives your property character, charm, and even helps to increase not only the value of the property, but of the amount of rent you can collect.

“A study found 7% higher rental rates for commercial properties having high quality landscapes." - Urban Greening Research.

Landscaping can either positively or negatively affect what customers, tenants, potential buyers, and visitors think of your commercial property. If you care for the appearance of your property, the impression to those patrons, employees, and potential buyers will be far more favorable than if your landscape is left  unkept and unmanaged.

A thoughtfully designed and professionally maintained landscaping delivers one of the highest ROI (returns on investment) when compared to other improvement. Many studies have shown that quality landscaping can often yield a surprising ROI of more than one dollar for each dollar invested! We like that kind of math.

What landscaping improvements should you invest in for the best ROI? Here are the top landscaping enhancements (click below):

Grass: Go For Green

Trees Enhance Your Landscape

Drainage Systems

Erosion Repair

Perennial Beds

Creating An Inviting Outdoor Area

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