How To Protect Your Landscape From The Rainy Season

With spring upon us, the rain keeps on coming. Although 2018 was the rainiest year on record here in Maryland, that doesn’t stop mother nature from sending us more during our rainy season. Is your property prepared for more rain or is it a soggy nightmare already? What can be done to combat the inundation of rain? If your property is facing any of these common waterlogged issues, Blythewood Landscape Maintenance has you covered.

The #1 thing that loves rain on your property is weeds! They are just drinking up this rain to produce more and more seeds to infiltrate your property. With our pre-emergent and fertilizer service, we stop them before they get a chance to take hold in your turf! This process is usually repeated several times throughout the year to keep them at bay, especially the ever dreaded crabgrass.

Protecting your property from poor drainage, erosion, and pooling water can help fight off expensive repairs to your foundation, walkways, and driveways. Not to mention the damage to your landscape plants. Too much water can cause root rot, invite pests like bugs and rodents, as well as mold and mildew. A good fungicide treatment can help protect your plantings until the warmer, drier weather arrives. Properly functioning drainage systems are the best way to protect your entire property.

If you have noticed pooling after a lot of rain, this is an area that needs to be addressed quickly. There are several enhancement options available to solve improper drainage, including french drains and dry wells. Of course, every property has its own unique needs and we can suggest the best options for your properties specific requirements.

We can’t stop mother nature, but we can help protect your property and alleviate the damage she can send our way. If your Prince George’s County commercial property landscape needs help drying out from all this rain, give us a call today at (301) 501-5030. Our professional crews are ready to find the solutions to all of your concerns.