When it comes to turf nutrient maintenance programs and pest control, Blythewood Landscape Management has the solution to keep your property looking lush, green, and healthy. Our crew personalizes the turf nutrient maintenance for the unique nutrient requirements of each property we service. From yellow or bare spots on your turf and white grubs to aphids and scale, we can resolve any issue your landscape endures. Here is a typical schedule our crew performs during your annual turf nutrient maintenance.


Our first visit of the year usually begins between February and April. This visit starts with fertilizing for spring growth. This will ensure a healthy, green lawn when spring comes. We will apply a balanced slow-release granular fertilizer as well as a pre-emergent to control crabgrass growth.


To help your property be prepared for the heat of summer and resist crabgrass, between April through June we will apply a balanced slow-release liquid fertilizer, additional pre-emergent for crabgrass and broadleaf weed control, grub control, as well as micronutrients applications. Grub control is very important since these pesky pests love to devour the roots of turfgrass, causing severe damage, while also inviting animals that feed on grubs to come and tear up your lawn looking for them. Preventative insect control will help protect your turfgrass from insects and pests that can rapidly destroy it.


In June-August, during the heat and stress of summer, we apply additional balanced liquid slow-release fertilization, weed control to decrease the growth of broadleaf as well as insect control to minimize their impact on your landscape and property. Fungicide should be applied a minimum of three times during the summer months to prevent fungal infestations. If your property has yellow patches, this is a sign of fungus.


We will begin to prepare your turf for fall between August and October with another application of weed control and balanced fertilizer. This is usually the time of year that our crew will obtain a soil sample from your property to check that for optimal nutrient and pH levels. Further treatments, if any, will be based on the results of these soil tests. As an additional option, we can perform core aeration and overseeding if desired. This should be performed annually to break up the soil and create a healthy environment for your turfgrass to thrive. The overseeding will help to fill in bare spots on your property.  


To protect your turf from the stress of winter, and to encourage the root system of the newly growing turf from the aeration and overseeding, we will apply the final fertilizer application of the year between October through December.