Seasonal Clean Up of Your Yard

Whenever the seasons change, it is a great time to perform clean up and maintenance of your yard. Removing dead growth, leaves, and debris will allow your property and garden to receive the proper amount of light and airflow needed to remain healthy and disease free. Here are a few suggestions:

Removal of debris on your property and in the beds

While a few leaves laying on your property or in your beds will not have harmful effects to your garden, thick patches and buildup in beds can block light and airflow causing fungus and other diseases. Mulching your leaves into your beds can be a great way to add nutrients to your garden, just don’t overdo it.

Trimming and pruning trees, shrubs, and perennials

To maximize the appearance of your blooming shrubs and maintain the health and safety of your trees by removing dangerous limbs and branches, trimming and pruning are essential for your landscape’s health and curb appeal. Perennials are wonderful investments for gardens since they are planted once and return each year, but they do require pruning as well to get the most out of them.

Edging and mulching your beds

A deep edge defines the borders of your beds and prevents turf growth within them. This allows for much easier maintenance throughout the season. The addition of mulch gives a completed look while also improving the health of the plant. This organic material retains moisture vital for your plants, but too much can damage trees and plants so make sure to remove any heavy accumulation so the plants can still get sufficient airflow.

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