When it is time for your commercial landscape maintenance spring cleanup, Blythewood Landscape Management has the experience and equipment to do it right. Property owners understand the importance of “curb appeal” and know that spring cleanup and applying mulch is very important for the look and well being of their property. It is one of the major services we offer to our commercial clients, account for up to 30% of a commercial landscape maintenance contract. It includes the following services:

Pruning- We will prune and cut back your Knock Out roses, perennials, perennial grasses, and other plants that have their flowers grow from new wood. By trimming perennials, they will be ready to bloom for the next This step is important for your landscape to optimize both airflow and sunlight to keep your plants and the crowns of flowering trees healthy. Perennials need trimming so they can flourish in the spring.

Edging- We will give your beds a clean and finished look by installing edging around all your landscape beds, remove accumulated leaf litter and other debris to avoid disease and insect infestation.

Mulching- Mulch is not only a great way to finish off the look of your landscape, but it also serves so very important roles such as weed prevention, moisture conservation during the heat of summer and insulates the roots of your plantings during the cold winters. It is important to not add too much mulch, especially around tree and shrub bases. This can lead to rot, insects, and disease.

Fertilizing- Just like us, plants, flowers, and shrubs get hungry and need nutrients to continue to give their all each season. Fertilizer, along with pre-emergent herbicide, will help keep your landscape healthy and free of weeds.

Lawn Cleanup- A lawn covered in leaves, twigs and other debris is not what you want for your commercial property. It can not survive and thrive if it is drowning in a heavy, soggy blanket of leaves. So let our experienced crew rake up the leaf cover on your lawn. After it is all raked up, we will go over it with one of our mulching mowers, adding nutrients to your commercial turf.

Spring Enhancements - This includes replacing any dead trees, plants, and trees, removing older plants that have grown out of control or have begun to cover signs and windows, repair areas of turf damaged by salt or plows, deadhead fall plants like pansies that still have life in them before summer plantings can be placed, prune trees that are still dormant before they begin to bloom again, and after March 1st, apply fertilizer, weed killing pre-emergent and herbicides to kill any resistant weeds and crabgrass.