Spring Cleanup

When it is time for your commercial landscape maintenance spring cleanup, Blythewood Landscape Management has the experience and equipment to do it right. Property owners understand the importance of “curb appeal” and know that spring cleanup and applying mulch is very important for the look and well being of their property. It is one of the major services we offer to our commercial clients, account for up to 30% of a commercial landscape maintenance contract. It includes the following services:

Shrubs and trees are prunned to keep the asthetic beauty of your landscape.
Shrubs and trees are prunned to keep the asthetic beauty of your landscape.

Pruning- We will prune and cut back your Knock Out roses, perennials, perennial grasses, shrubs and trees that have their flowers grow from new wood. By trimming perennials, they will be ready to bloom for the next  season.  This step is important for your landscape to optimize both airflow and sunlight to keep your plants and the crowns of flowering trees healthy. 

Commercial Landscaping | Edging
Edging keeps clean boundary lines between landscape and hardscape areas.

Edging- We will give your beds and property lines a clean and finished look by installing edging around all your landscape beds and between landscape / hardscape boundary areas.

Commercial Landscaping
Properties are cleared of natural debris including twigs and overgrown weeds.

Debris Clean Up- Throughout the season, naturally ocurring debris will accumulate on the property.  We will clear areas of debris including large and small twigs and overgrown weeds.