Summer Health Care Tips For Your Commercial Landscape

Summer is coming and so will the heat. Which means it’s time to talk about how to prepare your landscape for the heat it is surely about to endure. You want to protect your investment and that curb appeal, so what can be done to help keep your landscape looking great throughout the summer?

Watering is the #1 thing that needs to be kept up on over the summer. It is a good rule of thumb to set your system to water in the morning to combat the natural evaporation your landscape will experience throughout the day from the heat, sun, and wind. For any potted plants on your property, we recommend using a potting soil which retains higher levels of moisture so they do not dry out quite as fast in the summer heat.

The heat can make your landscape stressed out from the battle of trying to stay cool and hydrated. They will require more frequent fertilization to help keep their strength up during these tough months ahead. Applying a balanced slow-release liquid fertilizer as well as weed control will help combat summer weed growth explosion and restore lost nutrients. Summer is not the time to do any major pruning or trimming because it will only add to the stress of your trees and bushes.

Just as insects bother us more over the summer months, so will they affect your landscape and turf. These insects will also be an invitation to pesky grub hunters to come and tear up your property hunting for them. Insect control, as well as a fungicide, should be applied at least 3 times over the summer to prevent fungal infestations and yellow patches on your property.

Summer can wreak havoc on your property if your landscape is not prepared. If you are looking for exceptional year-round or seasonal care for your Bowie, MD commercial landscape, give us a call today at 301-501-5030.