The Importance of Efficient Drainage

Your properties drainage system is a very important feature. It moves water from your home, building, landscape, and structures which can be easily affected by water damage. If your drainage system is not effective, it can cause severe damage to not only your landscape but to other masonry structures as well as your foundation. Hiring an experienced drainage contractor will help you avoid these devastating and costly issues.

It is important to have your contractor perform an assessment of your property before any work is started so they can see the areas of concern. This helps them select the correct drainage solutions for your property, making sure it can handle the amount of storm and wastewater for your properties specific accumulation. For larger properties, there may be a need for multiple types of drainage required to properly handle the anticipated volume of water during heavy storms.

The most common type of drain installed here in Maryland is the french drain, however, some properties will require both surface and subsurface drains, depending on the unique requirements of your property. If you already have sufficient drainage but require routine maintenance or repairs, it is important to get these operating at the full function as soon as an issue is noticed to avoid costly damage.

Using top-quality materials for your drainage solution will provide you with reliable, efficient, and long-lasting protection. You do not want just anybody installing such important systems for your home. Hiring professional and experienced landscape contractors will ensure it is done right the first time so you can enjoy your property and know that you are protected.

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