Tree Services

Tree maintenance promotes healthy trees, improves the appearance of your property and avoids the risk of damage caused by falling limbs.  Blythewood Landscape Management is able to handle large-scale tree removal to light tree pruning, while never compromising on safety and image. The tree services we offer are:

Tree Pruning / Trimming:  The selective removal of certain parts of a tree. Lower branches are removed from the trunk to discourage animals from browsing and eating them.  Pruning improves the appearance of the tree (the crown) and helps to promote healthy growth.

Tree pruning services through Blythewood Landscape Management.
Tree pruning services through Blythewood Landscape Management.


Tree Removal:  At times, tree removal is the best alternative for the landscape and property manager.  Dying trees and trees that have become hazardous necessitate the need to remove the tree.  Safety is our main focus during tree removal as work is often performed in confined spaces near utility lines or near high pedestrian traffic areas.  Many Ash trees in the area are dying due to the Emerald Ash Borer (read more here).

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