Turf Care

A vibrant and healthy turf makes your property look great. By keeping it well-maintained, you will protect it from pests while building its resistance to weed growth. Every property manager wants their turf looking perfectly green and free of weeds.  With proper maintenance, Blythewood Landscape Management will make create a landscape you can be proud of.  You can expect the following services performed during the year:

Pre-emergent weed control turf application:  Performed during the start of spring, the application eliminates weeds at the earliest stage of growth, before they are seen.

Post-emergent control turf application:  Throughout growing season Round Up application is applied to kill weeds in mulch beds, walkways and parking lots.

Turf Fertilization:  We begin to fertilize your turf late spring as the grass starts growing fastest during these periods.

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding: Your turf requires nutrients and oxygen to survive and thrive. By overseeding, you will increase its ability to absorb these, as well as improve the thickness, overall health and appearance of your lawn.


  • Mowing heights are set between 3” and 3.5” depending on weather conditions
  • Weekly visits in the spring and fall
  • Bi-weekly visits in the summer
  • Irrigated properties will be mowed weekly throughout the season

Mowing Service includes the following:

  • Mow and bag clippings
  • String trim and edge lawns, beds, sidewalks, and curbs
  • Weed whack the perimeters for a clean, crisp appearance
  • Blow dirt and grass off hard surfaces, such as patios, walkways, sidewalks, curbs, and driveways.


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