Blythewood Landscape Management

Commercial Landscape Management

January - February
Time to Care for Trees

Whether a couple feet of snow has blanketed your landscape or it is the warmest winter you have seen, this is the best time for tree removals and tree pruning. Trees across our region are experiencing cold temps or a blast of winter blizzards, and are soon to reach their final stages of dormancy. 

Unfortunately, removal of dead or hazardous trees can become necessary. On the other hand, careful pruning of healthy trees is imperative in sustaining their health. These steps will help ensure that the trees on your landscape are attractive & safe assets on your property.  Any tree removals are to be followed by stump grinding as well, leaving a nice patch of grass behind. We are highly focused on tree care during January and February each year. 

Spring Is In the Air | It is time to transition seasons!

Spring cleanup services are in full swing no later than March 1st.

Pruning (trees, shrubs, roses, etc.) | Mulching & Edging | Debris Cleanup | Spring Turf Applications, focused on pre emergent weed control (crabgrass). 

The Grass is Growing | Mowing Begins

As soon as nighttime temps are 55 degress or higher for five consecutive days, the grass is ready to grow and we are ready to mow. Learn more at When will the grass start growing?

Once the grass is officially in growing season, mowing services are in full force and will continue to November. 

Spring Is In Full Bloom

May brings the focus to all around Turf Care Service. This includes turf application as a proactive agent against summer weeds. We assist your turf in growing into a bright spread of green through fertilization and meticulous care. 

You all know the saying . . . April Showers Bring May Flowers! This rings true each year with the Blythewood crews as we pursue our Annual Summer Flower Rotations starting in May. 

June - August
It's Summer and It's Hot | Summer Lawn & Landscape Services

Summer lawn and landscape services are in action through these warm months of the year. Mowing remains the priority, but we are equipped to for all necessary landscape services or upgrades.

During the summer, Blythewood specializes in projects and enhancements such as tropical flower installations or creative design-builds. Services like irrigation and drainage & erosion are also important during these months. We are here to accommodate anything that may suit your landscape at this time. 

September ~ October
Back to School | Annual Fall Flower Rotations | Fall Turf Fertilization

We may have to say goodbye to summer, but we won't say goodbye to vibrant landscapes! The September and October schedules are filled with our Annual Fall Flower Rotations, giving properties the curb appeal and tidiness that we all love. At this time, we are also focused on careful fertilization and attention to detail across your turf, so that it may be conserved through the continuously changing seasons. 

November - December
Fall Leaves Galore! Moving into Winter

During this time, we are focused on leaf cleanups and shrub pruning. The mission is to clear and prep your turf so that its appearance and health may be preserved and sustained through the incoming lower temperatures and whatever snow may come!