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Commercial Tree Service

commercial tree service

Tree Planting

Our commercial tree service is dedicated to planting a variety of tree species, especially after the removal of dead trees. If you want to make your property greener, contact us for information on tree planting options. We focus on maintaining your property with healthy and vibrant trees and plants.

For a greener and more appealing property, reach out to our team. We’re here to provide expert advice and reliable tree planting services to keep your landscape thriving.

commercial tree service

Pruning & Trimming

Commercial tree service involves the selective removal or trimming of certain parts of a tree to maintain its health and longevity. This process cares for trees needing extra attention. Removing lower branches helps prevent animal damage, while pruning improves the appearance of the upper branches, or the crown, enhancing the landscape’s overall look.

Our team follows industry standards to provide the necessary care for each tree. Regular pruning promotes better air circulation and sunlight penetration, which are important for healthy growth. Whether you need routine maintenance or have specific concerns, our commercial tree service can keep your landscape in excellent condition.

For more information about our tree pruning procedures and the benefits of professional tree care, visit our blog post

commercial tree service

Tree Removal

Tree removal is sometimes necessary to maintain the safety and health of a property. At The Green Shape, we aim to support a healthy landscape that is both attractive and promotes the proper growth of trees and plants. Unfortunately, dying trees must be removed if their branches become hazardous or if they have the potential to infect nearby trees. For example, many Ash Trees in our region are dying due to the Emerald Ash Borer beetle. Removing infected trees prevents the death of more trees and eliminates hazardous branches. Our commercial tree service ensures that tree removal is done safely and effectively, protecting your property and maintaining a healthy landscape.

commercial tree service

Stump Grinding


After removing a tree, we take the extra step to leave your landscape looking pristine by eliminating the tree stump and laying down fresh grass. Our commercial tree service prioritizes safety throughout the entire process. We conduct tree removal with care, using the appropriate gear and following strict procedures to perform the work within a controlled environment. Our experienced team is dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards, minimizing disruption to your commercial property. Trust us to provide a seamless and professional tree service that leaves your landscape looking untouched and well-maintained.