Have you found yourself enjoying the flowers on your property? Until one day, you notice the little colorful petals are no longer there. They did not wilt and they did not die, but they have disappeared one by one, almost into thin air? You have watered them and done your part to care for them. BUT, despite your welcoming efforts, your flowers are gone 🙁

It is quite possible that you have a visitor (or a few) who have found your flowers to be a tasty treat. Hungry deer frequently take a liking to many different species of flowers in our region, especially as Fall brings lower temperatures. The drop in temps causes a drop in food growth in the forests, thus the deer will come out of the woodworks literally to search for food on your property. In fact, the numbers of white-tail deer munching on ornamental plants has increased greatly in recent years.

We are here to help you alleviate this issue, as we plant the flowers for your enjoyment and curb appeal, NOT as a tasty treat for deer. Sorry, deer 😉  While we cannot control the deer population and we will not do anything that could harm deer/other wildlife, we do our best to implement solutions that will deter them from your ornamental plants. 

Typically, our solution is to install netting surrounding any vulnerable plants. If the deer pressure is more severe, we will use repellents. It is important to be proactive and ensure that these steps are taken before the deer form a habit of grazing on the flowers. So be sure to let us know right away if you are noticing a high deer population around your property or if any flowers have gone missing! 

PS: Don’t forget to water your flowers through the netting. A few times a week in the mornings will keep them happy and healthy.