Installation Of New Trees

Everyone enjoys the shade and beauty that trees bring to any area. If your landscape is void of trees, think about adding some. They can make a huge difference to the look, feel, and value of your commercial property.

Part 1 of our Landscaping Enhancement series focused on the benefits of choosing native landscaping including trees.  Native trees to the DMV that are a popular choice for our customers are shown below:

Tree Pruning  

If your property is already home to several mature trees, it is important to keep them pruned to maintain their health, encourage growth, prevent damage from falling limbs, and keep their manicured appearance.

It is very important to remove dead or overgrown branches and maintain a healthy shape of the tree. Maintaining the trees on your property = maintaining the safety on your property. 

Tree Removal

After inspecting your property, our certified arborists may find trees that are dead, dying due to disease, too close to a building structure or utility lines, or damaged beyond repair due to major storms.  These are several reasons why it is necessary to remove these trees from your property.