Drainage Systems

Drainage is very important for any property to protect the landscape, foundation, and structure itself from water damage and puddling. Blythewood Landscape Management will design and implement the right drainage system for your properties layout and specific slopes of the land. Irrigation systems can also be designed to direct water to specific trees, grass areas, and gardens to help conserve water. Rain sensors will also help to eliminate unnecessary watering. These systems can help save money on your water bills. 

Without a solid drainage system, erosion can become a real problem. A few of the drain systems we can incorporate are:

  • Bog area in landscapes
  • Dry wells
  • French drains
  • Grassy swales

Erosion Repair

Landscaping is not only beautiful, it is functional, playing an important role in improving the quality and safety of our water. When water from rain and storms falls to the earth, high quality landscaping can reduce the flow of that water, making it move slower through your landscaped areas, effectively reducing the amount of runoff of any pollutants found on your property. Grass, plants, as well as many other landscaping structures work together to filter rainwater and help ro remove pollutants, preventing flooding and reducing the erosion of soil and runoff.