Office buildings are not commonly recognized for having eye-catching landscapes. However, for current and prospective tenants, as well as their customers, it is something that will help to attract rather than deter them from entering your building. Employees enjoy a welcoming environment as well. Your building’s landscaping can make a big difference with curb appeal, value, and ambiance. 

One of your building’s main focal points should be the entrance since this serves as everyone’s “front door”. A beautiful landscape can transform almost any entrance into something that feels warm and welcoming. A well-planned pathway with an abundance of colorful flowers and plants can be very inviting. Large planters overflowing with native plants abutting your entrance are not only a fetching treat for the eyes, but will be more tolerant to water conservation and the highs and lows of the weather. 

Your building’s signage is also something to consider framing and surrounding with a fetching landscape. Keeping colorful flowers, spring bulbs, and ornamental grasses near and around your office buildings sign will help to draw the attention of those that pass by. To avoid obstruction of your sign’s visibility, keep your landscape low and within the border.  

Offering an outside space for guests, tenants and their employees to take a break from the day, enjoy a book, a quick chat or even lunch is a great investment into your office building’s atmosphere. 

We can help you design the optimum outdoor gathering place. Seating will be one of the top priorities to consider in the design. Picnic tables are functional, but adding stone benches or sitting walls can add more personality and help to keep the space feeling less cluttered. Make sure to incorporate shade trees, interesting plantings as well as pops of color from seasonal flowers. 

Consider expanding your wifi reach to the outdoor area. Employees can then enjoy a little fresh air while still staying on target for their deadline or take a moment for personal online time during a break.

We are ready to help you design and implement the perfect landscape for your office buildings. From inviting entrances, relaxing common spaces, eye-catching flower beds or planters to seasonal cleanup and turf maintenance, we can enhance your Bowie, MD office building’s landscape with our dedicated team. Give us a call today at 301-501-5030.