Winter weather is upon us and just like you, your property need protection from the elements. We offer a few helpful tips to ensure your property is protected.

Mulch is something that most people are aware should add to their landscape during spring, however, it is probably even more important during the winter months. Adding a couple of inches around the base of your trees and shrubs will help insulate them during the frigid temps of winter. By helping to keep the soil frozen, it will prevent the heaving process during the cycles of thawing and freezing. Mulch also helps to retain moisture which your plants, shrubs, and trees need to stay healthy and avoid damage during the winter months.

Protecting your trees from winter damage can be less complicated than many think. Your evergreens can easily be protected from the harsh winter winds by using burlap screens. For younger trees, protect them from hungry winter predators by wrapping any low branches as well as the trunk with hardware cloth or screen wire. If you have a deer problem, wrap burlap around your hedges and shrubs to deter them from snacking on your landscaping.

Snow may look light and delicate fluttering down from the sky, but it can weight quite a bit once it accumulates on the ground. This weight can damage your landscaping as it builds up. Having a professional snow removal company is integral in protecting your property. Request that they pile the snow at the lowest area of your property and away from shrubs and bushes which can break under the weight of all the snow and avoid dangerous slippery areas as the snow melts and refreezes.

There are some benefits to your landscape from snow, however. It actually acts as a blanket for your plants and protects them from the cold. The snow actually insulates the soil around the plants from the subzero weather and keeps it around 32°!

Let us help protect the health of your Annapolis, MD landscaping this winter with our maintenance and snow removal services. Call us at 301-501-5030 or request a proposal online.