When temperatures drop to 32 degrees or lower, all plants including grass are more fragile than ever. Each plant consists of water that can quickly freeze, causing its cells to burst and die. There are numerous ways to prevent such damage and ensure that your landscape is alive and well during the springtime.

Do not walk on your landscape 

One of the easiest steps you can take is none at all – on your grass, that is. Each time your foot presses to the ground through frosty grass, dozens of blades are destroyed. The recovery and growth of that spot is hindered for the following months. Avoid visible damage on your turf in the springtime by walking around it during the winter, especially in the mornings after a cold night.

Cover delicate plants and bring potted plants inside 

Just like us living beings, plants could use a bit of help bundling up from low temperatures. Resources such as pine straw and mulch can help secure heat within the roots of your plants. Wrapping a breathable material such as burlap around your plants overnight is also helpful. Any potted plants, especially tropical or spring bloomers, would benefit from being brought indoors.

Turn all hose bibs off

Your irrigation system should have already been turned off and winterized by now, but don’t forget about your hose bibs. Protecting your pipes is a major priority when temperatures are freezing. Ramifications from frozen pipes are never enjoyable. All water leading to outdoor hoses or spigots should be turned off and faucets covered with towels.

Water your plants correctly

When you water your plants during this season, be sure that temperatures are high enough. Do not water your plants if the ground is frozen or if the temperature outside is below 40 degrees. Upon watering, keep all foliage dry so that you do not accidentally freeze the leaves. Also be sure to water early in the day so that the moisture can settle into your plants before freezing temperatures hit.


We encourage you to pursue these steps on your property today and we are available with numerous services that will prepare your landscape for the winter months. Reach out to [email protected] to inquire about any seasonal landscaping services you may need.