Landscaping Enhancements Part 4:  Flowers and Shrubs

Flowers and Shrubs

Selecting flowers as well as shrubs for your commercial landscape can be exciting, but proper planning needs to be taken to select the right ones for your area. You want to select those that are hardy, will not require a lot of maintenance, and are visually pleasing throughout the season as well as year-round. Speak with your professional landscaper for ideas of plants which work best in your climate for each season.

Applying mulch to your beds and between your shrubs and plants gives a clean, professional appearance while also locking in moisture and adding even more to your properties value.

Installation of New Perennial Beds

Working smarter and not harder is a great motto for many things in life, including your landscape. Having your landscape redone each year is a lot of work and expense. Adding perennials as a focal point, or as a backdrop to your landscape will help to supplement your bright annual flowers. Select varieties which flower at different times to maximize the visual appearance. Include those that have varying textures, shades, heights, and shapes.