Property managers have the responsibility of keeping everyone who works and visits a commercial property safe. During winter, there are a few potential hazards that can besiege your property. Here are a few suggestions on how to prevent these winter safety concerns.

Snow and ice are, of course, two of the main concerns since they can lead to accidents and damage to your employees, customers and your property. When you have snowdrifts covering your parking lots, slippery ice-coated walkways preventing pedestrians from safely walking on your property or your loading docks become blocked by mounds of snow, it can be a nightmare for your business! Iced parking lots and driveways can be an accident waiting to happen.

Thankfully, snow removal is a service many commercial landscapers offer, but it is important to get on their schedule as soon as possible to ensure you are not stranded when the snow and ice arrive. If your landscaping company cares for your property year-round, they will be very familiar with your property’s unique needs, special areas of concern and will be able to prevent some of these issues by being proactive. 

Trees are another concern for commercial properties, any time of year, but especially in the winter months when they become saddled with the accumulation of snow and ice. Trees that are not healthy or already have damaged branches, may fall over from the weight of the ice and snow, or limbs may fall and can become a real hazard for your property.

Fall is the perfect time to prune back trees because with their leaves already off you’re landscape team will have a clear sight of your tree’s branch system. Thining out trees and pruning any weak or diseased parts can help make your trees healthier and will help them withstand the winter months. 

Cleaning up leaf debris is also an important task to tackle before winter sets in to avoid the leaves clogging your drains, creating backups and pooling that can freeze in the colder weather.  

Since most commercial property managers and owners are usually not located near their commercial holdings, they can’t be aware of all the hazards that are on their properties on a regular basis, it’s impossible to be! That’s where your commercial landscaper can be of the most assistance to you. We become the eyes and ears of your property since we spend all year maintaining your property, we know where the areas are that need the most care during the winter months. We keep up on the care and pruning of your bushes, turf, and trees, and we will notify you of any concerns before they become a problem or an insurance claim. 

We are here to protect your property, all year long, making sure it looks inviting and is also safe for all those that come to spend time there. If you are looking for commercial landscape management as well as snow and ice removal for your Upper Marlboro, MD property, give us a call today at 301-501-5030.