When fall arrives, your commercial landscape will need some additional cleanup and maintenance. Although leaves may beautiful to watch floating down to the ground, or fun to pile up and jump in, they are not something you want piling up on your commercial property. They do make excellent organic mulch, but just left to sit, leaves and acorns can clutter up and damage your greenspaces, and create slip hazards when wet.

Fall is also a great time to remove dead tree branches, expired flowers and shrubbery. Preparing your property now will ensure a safer winter for your property and a more productive spring for your landscape. Accumulated debris can also hinder the effectiveness of snow plowing your property during winter. 

Our fall commercial property clean up and maintenance includes these recommended services: 

  • Aerate turf- aids in the reduction of soil compaction
  • Over-seed- thickens turf
  • Apply fertilizer and broadleaf weed control- helps to strengthen root systems (applied in September, October, December) and control weed growth. 
  • Check and amend (if needed) soil chemistry to promote the proper growth of shrubs, flowers, ornamental plants, and trees.
  • Clean-up and remove leaves, trash, and debris from all ornamental beds and turf areas
  • Install new shrubs and trees
  • Prune back shrubs to help promote more growth in the spring.
  • Trim and cut back perennials and ornamental plants
  • Add new edging to planting beds
  • Remove old mulch and install fresh mulch- helps to maintain moisture levels and insulate root system during the winter months.
  • Prune dormant ornamental trees to promote spring growth
  • Check and winterize irrigation systems. 

Our crews understand the specific care and maintenance of commercial properties and landscapes need in and around Annapolis, MD. Whether it is seasonal cleanup, new plantings, snow removal, irrigation or tree services, we deliver outstanding results to ensure your property looks it’s very best and is safe for all those who visit, live and work there. 

Contact us today at (301) 501-5030 to be added to our schedule or visit our site to learn about all the services we perform.